Mahlet and her family

Mahlet's family is very poor. There is barely enough money to buy food so nothing is left over for any other necessities. This family has special medical costs as well. They need your support.

Libanos and her family

Libanos and her family of seven need your help. Her mother works but this still do not have enough money for food, education, medication, and clothing. Will you help them?

Luci and her family

Manos de Jesus works to preserve families by building homes. Sponsorship follows with support to sustain daily living expenses and equip each family to move toward self-sufficiency. Ten sponsorship shares are needed to provide this help.

Alelign and his family

Alelign's mom is sick and has visual problems. She is not always able to work. His parents are divorced and his father is not able to help the family as his salary is too small.

Simret and her family

Simret's family of six is very poor. There is barely enough money to buy food so nothing is left over for any other necessities. Her family needs your support.

Bethany works with some of the world’s most vulnerable children. They are experiencing hunger, poverty, and sickness. Their parents cannot afford to send them to school and are often confronted with the unimaginable decision of having to place their child in an institution due to the level of need they are facing. They cannot feed their children or provide necessary medical care. The stress of poverty can separate families, but your support will help a family stay together and move toward a hopeful future.

As a One Family sponsor, you will become a family preservation partner directly helping one child and their family. Your monthly gifts provide critical resources like nutritious food, medicine, clean drinking water, help for a parent to start a small business, or assistance with school fees for children. You provide the customized care the family needs to get through a crisis and become stronger.

One Family is your way to reach out to a vulnerable family. It’s your way to protect children, preserve families, and help children grow up in a strong, loving environment. Become a family preservation partner through One Family and change lives.

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"I LOVE this One Family sponsorship . . . there are few opportunities to support families vs. individuals . . . the family component has been the critical missing part! And I like the fact that we support alongside other families . . . how much greater potential there is for life-changing impact."

-- Barbee Family