Bethany’s One Family share program works with some of the most vulnerable children and families in the world. They are experiencing hunger, poverty, and sickness. In some cases, parents are confronted with the unimaginable decision of having to place their child in an orphanage as they can no longer care for them.

One Family comes alongside these families to keep them together. Or, if a child is without a family, we help find his or her forever family through our foster-to-adopt program.

There are two ways to be part of One Family.

Meet a child

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One Family

A caseworker assesses each family for the level of care and support required. As a One Family partner, you chose the level of support or “share” you are able to provide.

Each One Family sponsor contributes a portion of the family's care. As others join to support the child and family, the circle of “shares” fills up until the family’s care is fully funded.


“I love this One Family share program . . . there are few opportunities to support families vs. individuals . . . the family component has been the critical missing part! And I like the fact that we support alongside other families . . . how much greater potential there is for life-changing impact."

-- Barbee Family