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Sponsorship helps children

  • Alisa

    Alisa's Story

    Bethany Ukraine began working with Liliya (mother) and Alisa while Alisa was living in an orphanage. Liliya was visiting her daughter almost every day, but was hesitant to trust anyone who offered help. After gaining Liliya's trust, Bethany social workers worked intensely with her to bring Alisa home. Although being reunited with Alisa was exciting, Liliya was very concerned about how she would take care of her daughter. She knew that she needed help paying for food, clothing, rent, and other daily necessities. Fortunately, she also knew that she had support and that she could rely on Bethany during this critical transition. In one of their progress reports, Alisa's sponsors received the following news: "Over the past months, Bethany social workers have continued to work with Alisa's mother in an effort to bring this family back together. We have wonderful news to share with you. Alisa is home and her mother is actively participating in counseling and educational sessions to help her develop means in which she can best care for her daughter. This is the best news that we could have ever shared with you." Today, Alisa is doing very well in school. She and her mother are extremely close, and are excited to be graduating from Bethany's International Sponsorship program. Alisa is sad about saying goodbye to her Bethany case worker, but knows that she and her mom are always welcome at Bethany. Praise God for His work in Alisa and her mom's lives!

  • Diana, Oleksandr, Ruslana, Vitaliy and Yan

    Diana, Oleksandr, Ruslana, Vitaliy and Yan's Story

    When Bethany began working with Diana, Oleksandr, Ruslana, Vitaliy and Yana, the children and their parents were desperate for help. A wall in their home was crumbling, their electricity had been turned off, and the only food they ate came from neighbors. At their initial visit with Bethany social workers, they didn't have enough money for even a loaf of bread. The childrens' parents knew that they were on the verge of needing to place their children in an orphanage, and were eager to work with Bethany to keep their family together. They had dreams of supporting their children, but had no way of traveling that road on their own. With the help of Bethany social workers and the International Sponsorship program, Diana, Oleksandr, Ruslana, Vitaliy, Yana, their parents, and two more siblings are now fully self-sufficient. They have: - Paid their debts and have electricity again - Purchased and planted enough vegetables to feed them through the winter. - Purchased chickens, rabbits, and goats for meat, milk and eggs. - Rebuilt their broken wall. - Purchased a woodworking machine, which provides employment and income. - Purchased food, clothes and medicine. The children and parents were sad to say goodbye to their Bethany case worker, but were excited about their new-found independence. They continue to communicate with Bethany and often express their gratitude for helping them stay together. They were a family on the verge of being separated. Thank God for His provision during their time of extreme crisis.